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 NASACO offers multiple services for Electronics & Communications systems.Our long experience in the Design , installation and maintenance of complicated systems is a key factor to our success.

We offer comprehensive design that complies with National and International standards. Computer Aided design for Electronics systems is used to offer precision and accuracy at all stages. We can also provide very elegant and professional looking web sites for companies and associations.
We do installation of SMATV , CCTV , PABX , Fire Alarm , Home Theater. Our experience in the installation of complicated systems and the close follow up , will guarantee a proper functioning of the systems that we install.

Design & Installation is not the only services that we are proudly providing to our customers. We believe in after sale maintenance, We value our relation with our customer . NASACO offers different maintenance schemes, to know more please do not hesitate to call us.
 Web Design and publishing
Professional web site design that comply to International standards is among the numerous activites that NASACO is offering to its valued customers.For More Information check NASACO.info
 Archictertural Design and studies
Our in-house architectural design capability lends itself to a complete program for all of your requirements.We produce all design and construction documents on AutoCad to produce a clearer more complete and accurate set of documents. NASACO employs their own architects and designers and consults with engineers on each project.For more information check NASACO.biz
 Work Specification Standards And   Quality Control
NASACO has developed a set of company specification standards to monitor and regulate the level of service quality, productivity, economy and responsiveness of the operating divisions to the established company plans and programs. The organization further ensures that it maintains the high standards of performance in all types of activities which it renders to the customers. Such an approach enables  NASACO clients to be fully aware of and appreciate the capabilities, professionalism and expertise of the organization for the services that it offers.

Quality is our objective for all departments within the NASACO  fold and a special emphasis is placed on its adherence for all products and all services offered.

NASACO and the Future

NASACO a long-standing and experienced company of repute that is growing steadily on account of its strong commitment to quality and service. We have a highly satisfactory track record for quality services and contracting expertise. Among our growth plans are to bid and execute those significant projects where we can perform in a manner that is superior to that of any competition and offer better economy. At NASACO, we will continue to grow due to our dedication and a strong will to actively participate in the successful implementation of the various projects in particular and to the economic aspirations of Lebanon in general.





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